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Love Ultra! Helps me make instant plans for future trips and keeps my wife’s travel bug (and mine) itching!

Justin M.


Your price's are INSANE!!! compared with everything else. Thank you for this site. My wife and I love it!

Michael T.


Ultra is awesome! It's (dangerously enticing) travel inspiration with the practical edge of savings.

Sabina L.


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Ultra is our premium flight alert subscription that helps you save more - so you can travel more - with 3X more cheap flight deals from BOS.

Custom Destination Filters

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We save the best weekend and holiday deals for Ultra subscribers. Get domestic deals for long weekends + peak travel alerts like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years...

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 Australia & Hawaii Flights

Flights to Australia and Hawaii are  two of the rarest deals to come by. These destinations are reserved only for Ultra in 2019.

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